Whimsical teapot workshop

We had a fun and prosperous workshop for Pinion Hill Gallery in La Veta CO in June,

Wiping of stain

We had 5 participants plus Nicole Copel the gallery owner.

The participants cerated a variety of wonderfully whimsical teapots.

This is Annabella with her Octopus Teapot

This is Becky creating her Aardvark Teapot

Underglazed Aardvark teapot

Carol underglazing her teapot

Carols Chubby Cat Teapot in progress

Polly working on her Elephant Teapot

Polly's Elephant Teapot

Mary working on her Fish Teapot

Demo in progress

We enjoyed 4 fun filled days of creating.  I will post pictures of the girls finished teapots.