Demonstration at Fiberfest 2011

Saturday June 9th was a busy day at Monte Vista 5th annual Fiberfest.  We had a really god turnout at the MAC booth.  I sculpted out in the wind all day Saturday and part of the day Sunday. Nancy, Sue and Evelyn

Sculpting at Fiberfest

Figure with head attached.

upper torso of my new figure

just beginning the figure

did face painting. Roger Ericksen and Richard Gotlieb visit with the crowd.  Richard took these picture for me, so I thought that I would share them.

More of my work from this summer

Here a re a few more pieces of my work from the Clay Plus one Workshop at Fort Hays.

These photos were taken by Sheldon Ganstrom

The Ambiguity of the Bluebird

Patches of Comfort

She Weaves a Tangled Web

Burnout Bunny

Near Desperation

Sugar Shakers

Undergrad work

This is Anne's Calf

This is a piece of Claudia's work. She is set to graduate next semester with her BFA in ceramics.

This is a head that Richard made.

These tiny pieces are work that Stasha created this summer.

Undergrad work created at Fort Hays this Summer at the Clay Plus One Workshop this summer.

more new pictures from this summer at FHSU

This is some of Christi's work. She is a MFA student in painting from Nebraska.

This is Isaac's work. His MFA will be in sculpture.

This is Jillian's work. She is also working on her MFA in sculpture.

More picture from my classmate at the Clay Plus One workshop this summer at FHSU

Some works from fellow students

Thought that you might enjoy seeing some summer

Christina,me, Michaela, Debi Tina, and our fearless leader Linda

A pair of Christina's horses

Michaela posing with her Snow White

This is Debi's Camper

This is Tina's veiled figure

work from the other students at FHSU.

I will post more on this summers adventure  in coming posts.

Whimsical teapot workshop

We had a fun and prosperous workshop for Pinion Hill Gallery in La Veta CO in June,

Wiping of stain

We had 5 participants plus Nicole Copel the gallery owner.

The participants cerated a variety of wonderfully whimsical teapots.

This is Annabella with her Octopus Teapot

This is Becky creating her Aardvark Teapot

Underglazed Aardvark teapot

Carol underglazing her teapot

Carols Chubby Cat Teapot in progress

Polly working on her Elephant Teapot

Polly's Elephant Teapot

Mary working on her Fish Teapot

Demo in progress

We enjoyed 4 fun filled days of creating.  I will post pictures of the girls finished teapots.

Summer at Fort Hays


I don't want to share the power

Here are a couple or the pieces that i made this summer in the Clay Plus One Workshop with Linda Ganstrom.  I took two classes this summer.  These are the first classes in my MFA program at FHSU.

This was an intense workshop. We had the an amazing group of highly talented people.

We learned many new techniques form molding and surface treatments. We had a treasure hunt to find found objects to incorporate into our sculptures. this was a wonderful experience as well as a great aya to kick off my new adventure at FHSU.

In both of these figures I have used encaustic wax as a new surface treatment on their clothing.

pressure to conform, Twisting to transform