Kevin Snipes workshop at Santa Fe Clay in Santa Fe NM

kevin doing a demo of a face

We had an amazing weekend at Santa Fe Clay. Kevin Snipes is a terrific instructor. He has a great sense of humor and a extensive knowledge base.  Kevin not only demonstrated his working methods, but he also provided side presentations of his influences and his own work too.  Santa Fe Clay had everything ready and in place for this rapid paced, weekend workshop to run smoothly. Five woman participated in this fun event.  We learned sgraffito, mishima and wax resist methods along with other ways to layer underglazes and glaze. I would recommend a workshop with Kevin and as always, Santa Fe Clay workshops are well ran.

Kevin Snipes working on a cat tile

Kevin Snipes face demo tile

Kevin Snipes Face demo tile

One of my tiles from the Snipes workshop

Another one of my tiles from the snipes workshop

A tile from Carolyn Laliberte: a student at the workshop

A tile from Carol Lujan: a student in the workshop

The gang from the workshop

the gang: back row: Pat Richard and Me

Next row: Christa, Sarah, Kate and Jodon

Next :John


Richard and Kate mixing slip

John at work attaching and mixing molded pieces

Our valued assistant Christa showing her tiny hand molds

Jordan Captured taking a picture of his wonderful tile molds

Sarah with her mini six heads

Kate posing with her bottles and phone molds

Diana and Margaret

I don’t know how I missed taking a picture of Pat working on the Tip Toland hand and diana working on her plate.  I also missed getting a shot of out gracious hostess, Phebe and the Notkin dog, snook,

Molds from the Notkin workshop

Here are a couple of my molds from the Notkin workshop.  I even have a piece that my friend Margaret made the fish and I attached it to the bust that I

three pierce bust mold

1st bust from the mold

small head form a three pice mold with slip trailing and ponytail addition.

masks pulled from a one piece mold

three piece pointing finger mold

Margaret Haydon's Sturgeon on the head of my bust.


A day at the Bray

We went to the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena Montana. We saw some of the studios of the artist in residence there. I have applied to the residency and was not accepted. I can see why. The work of the residence are amazing. Maybe someday I can achieve that level of work. Nevertheless I will continue making working work, growing and loving my art form.

Here are some pics from my day at the Bray.

just posing with the masters

an Akio piece in the bone pile

nice composition of the Brey

Notkin workshop update

We have had a very intensive workshop. Were spending lots of hours in the studio and learning so much. Richard Notkin is the master of mold making and I will attempt to show you some of us working on the process of making these elaborate molds.

Richard Notkin demonstrating releasing tile from a mold.

My bust for a four piece mold

Upcoming Richard Notkin Workshop

I am so very excited to be traveling to  Helena, Montana to a participant in Richard Notkins mold-making workshop.

I will also have the privilege of working with a past professor of mine from Adams State College, Margaret Haydon.

Margaret was influential in moving me from a functional potter into a ceramic sculptor.  She was my favorite professor there, and has also became a wonderful friend.  Margaret is the ceramics professor at the University of Wyoming. This is going to be a great experience and I will keep you posted on results.

Demonstration at Fiberfest 2011

Saturday June 9th was a busy day at Monte Vista 5th annual Fiberfest.  We had a really god turnout at the MAC booth.  I sculpted out in the wind all day Saturday and part of the day Sunday. Nancy, Sue and Evelyn

Sculpting at Fiberfest

Figure with head attached.

upper torso of my new figure

just beginning the figure

did face painting. Roger Ericksen and Richard Gotlieb visit with the crowd.  Richard took these picture for me, so I thought that I would share them.

Whimsical teapot workshop

We had a fun and prosperous workshop for Pinion Hill Gallery in La Veta CO in June,

Wiping of stain

We had 5 participants plus Nicole Copel the gallery owner.

The participants cerated a variety of wonderfully whimsical teapots.

This is Annabella with her Octopus Teapot

This is Becky creating her Aardvark Teapot

Underglazed Aardvark teapot

Carol underglazing her teapot

Carols Chubby Cat Teapot in progress

Polly working on her Elephant Teapot

Polly's Elephant Teapot

Mary working on her Fish Teapot

Demo in progress

We enjoyed 4 fun filled days of creating.  I will post pictures of the girls finished teapots.